Dinner and a show

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

With a full and warmed belly, Samantha walked bravely into city hall, swinging the door open wide as she stepped inside trying to look around but without appearing completely lost.

And right away she jumped back, "Sorry!"

A woman stood behind the door, stopped with her hands in front of her as she'd thrown them up to stop the door from hitting her. Samantha expected a woman almost hit by a door to be a bit more upset than a simple apology could sooth, but this woman only smiled at her.

"Well, aren't we in a hurry?"

"Sorry, I'm new here, and someone suggested I should check in here first."

At the word "new," the woman perked up suddenly. "New? We don't get a lot of visitors. Welcome to town. I'm Samantha."

The other Samantha reached out her hand, and Samantha took it. "Really? I'm Samantha also."

For a moment it was like looking in a warped mirror. The other Samantha was nothing like her. She was clearly more of a dressy kind of girl, and her dark hair which was only in a bun still somehow had the appearance of being done in a salon.

Once again, Samantha caught the other Samantha looking down at her shirt. Her boobs were not so amazing that people were prone to staring at them, so she was sure it was the shirt.

"It's the shirt, isn't it?"

"Yeah, what is the deal with that? I know people get gag gifts, but they don't usually wear them."

"It was free."

The other Samantha looked at her with a smile, "Oh you are in need of some serious help. Come on. I know where we can go. It's close."

The other Samantha hadn't even asked if she had a place to live. The first thing she'd done was drag her off to a clothing shop. Hanging around a group of women tossing around their troubles was one thing, but these women clearly had plans for her before she even had plans for herself.

"How about this one?"

Bonnie seriously eyed the shirt as if it were a piece of art not just a shirt she were picking up so she could take off her free shirt that everyone seemed a little too interested in. "Hmm. Okay. But try it on."

As she was in the fitting room, plans were being made already. Before she'd even stepped out of the fitting room, she had agreed to go to dinner after she'd made a stop and gotten herself a place to stay and finally changed her shirt.

The house from the outside was small and plain. There was no perfect lawn and no landscaping, just the old newspaper on the porch which Bonnie kicked aside casually with a smile as she stepped out to greet them.

"Welcome to our house," Bonnie said with a smile.

There was a charm to the place that Samantha couldn't exactly pick out. It was small and within walking distance of Bonnie's clothing shop so that they didn't even seem to have a car.

"Thank you for inviting us, Bonnie," The other Samantha (who had agreed to be called "Sam" to avoid confusion) said politely.

"No problem, I figure that I should probably get on your good side now since I worry we might see a lot of each other next year."

Sam smiled at Bonnie, "I'll pretend that I have no clue what's coming or what you meant by that. I'd like to pretend to enjoy my summer."

They laughed easily, it was slightly infectious. Even if Samantha was disoriented by how quickly things seemed to be moving. Had she really only arrived in town this morning?

A man poked his head out of the door, "Okay, food ordered."

Bonnie, who had been sheepishly ready to tell them something hopped on him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his cheek as he gently patted her head. "Oh god, thank you. I didn't want to have to tell them about the burnt pizza."

A pang attacked Samantha suddenly. Bonnie's move was casual, natural. The two fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces and it made Samantha's heart hurt. She glanced away and caught Sam's expression almost a mirror of her own. She was stone faced, almost stoic in an attempt to not react and she had also turned away to meet Samantha's gaze.

Sam, seeing her expression mirrored on Samantha's face, stepped forward with a smile at Samantha. "Well, while we're waiting for food, how about that haircut?"

Bonnie jumped at that idea too quickly. She was something like those little dogs who pushed their larger owners around, only in her case she was all bite and very little bark. Samantha could already tell she was not the sort of person one could say no to easily. Adorable, boisterous and demanding, normally a combination that probably drew people to her, something about it pushed at Samantha and almost made her wish she hadn't agreed to come over for dinner.

Bonnie dragged her out to the backyard where an old and weather beaten barber shop chair sat exposed to the elements.

"Now, I can tell you're a little nervous. Maybe a little dubious about my talents, so we'll start you off easy. I'll just do a little restyling and if you don't like it, well no harm done."

Sam stood near by, a hand on her chin and a smirk across her face. Even though Samantha was sure she was pretty much the one to blame for this, she found herself drawn to this woman. This evil woman who had her spending money on clothes before she had a place to stay and drew her into some oddly girly adventure.

This was something they'd laugh about later, she was sure. Hopefully over drinks.

"See? Not bad, huh?"

Samantha was pleasantly surprised.

Bonnie's husband, Orlando, stuck his head out the back door (not very far, Samantha noticed- she wondered if it was all the estrogen or if it was only his wife with the cutting shears). "Dinner's here."

Inside they went. Sam threw Samantha one last smirk as if she could read Samantha's mind and did fully intend on laughing about this later. Hopefully over drinks.


Bonnie and the pizza:

OMG, she looked so disappointed. And Ama is so not surprised. "We're having people over? And you cooked?"


S.B. January 5, 2010 at 12:30 PM  

you know, there's something about messing about with someone's hair that is both intimate and sensual.

yeah it's the shirt. It's not the shirt. love where you are going with this!

Tanja January 5, 2010 at 1:40 PM  

I can keep telling it, but I LOVE the way you write!! I'm so jealous of that, I wish I could do that too!

As for the update, I love it, as always, I can't wait to read more!

bbop January 5, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

nice one! I'm glad Samantha made friends with Bonnie and Sam.

I'm also curious as to where she's going to live!

And by the way, I was also pleasantly surprised by the haircut you gave her, because THAT WAS THE ONE I WAS PLANNING ON DOING! Great minds think alike, right? It's perfect, I can just keep it when she comes to Kayton.

Seriously excited for more writing from you.

Carnaxa January 5, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

Samantha is lucky the people there are so friendly. I wasn't sure how the other Sam would take to her but she seemed awfully keen after she found out Samantha was new in town. I kind of got a sense that Sam was seeing the other Sam as a project.

Oh boy, I think I just confused myself!!

Carla January 5, 2010 at 4:07 PM  

Another great installment!

Well, Samantha has been welcomed with open arms! Nice work, on what is still her first day in town. Bonnie and Sam seem to have gone out of their way for her, but I guess this was a fun little project for them anyway!

Is Bonnie related to Meadow Thayer? I'm noticing some similarities in their faces.

Laura January 5, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

Ha, Samantha meets Samantha :) They seem like they'll have a lot of insight to share with each other.

And wow, a couple like Bonnie and Orlando would be shocking to the heartbroken ones. That's a great detail!

I love Bonnie though, she's adorable! She IS like one of those very eager little doggies! Glad to see Samantha's been taken into very friendly hands... though she must be feeling overwhelmed, lol! :)

Blackcat January 5, 2010 at 6:00 PM  

Oh, wow, she's going to meet another Samantha in my one too... and my version of Orlando's family... this could get waaayyyy confusing!

The Lunar Fox January 6, 2010 at 12:24 AM  

S.B., I think you're right. Bonnie as a kid used to have this chair on the front lawn of her mother's house offering free make overs and hair cuts to the townies. She later on dragged the chair with her to college where she'd do the same at parties.

She wants the world to be a beautiful place.

Tanja, thank you very much. That is really so kind of you to say. I've always been a little self conscious about my no frills writing.

Bbop, oh I'll definitely show you where she's living right now. At least for now while she doesn't have a job.

And great minds do think alike! lol! I was going to email you and ask your input on the hair since she's only going to be here for so short a time, but it was late at night and I wanted this up, so I ran with it. SO glad that worked out!

Carnaxa, Samantha certainly lucked out. These people are probably getting sick of each other. They're pretty much all related except for a few characters, Samantha being one of them. And well, Bonnie is always so friendly. XD

I do think you might have hit the nail on the head about the project thing. Sam is just the kind of person who would do that. (I honestly think my elf, Amberle, was her first project, but she either failed or graduated probably depending on when or what you ask Sam.)

Carla, Bonnie's mom was adopted before I had face defaults in (risky move I realize now), so she might have Meadow's face template. Meadow's just a normal template, right? And Bonnie's father is this guy if you can see him. He's one of those downtownies that was oddly linked to one of the Tricous, I think. That same sim is actually Water and Green's father, so Bonnie is Water's half sister. (Water's father also happened to have the same face template as another prominent sim in town- Ily and Kate's father. So their older brother looks a lot like Water and Gabe. And I do mean Water and Gabe here, because Green looks like his mother- just to be clear.)

Whew, did that all make sense? I love genetics and for a while there, these guys were my experiments, lol.

Laura, I hope so. So far, Samantha's been game. She ran across Sam and wanted to be friends right away. I do think they have a lot to share.

lol, I'm pleased you like her too. Bonnie's house is way too fun to play. When Ama becomes a teen, there might be more stories out of that house.

lol, Blackcat. It's okay. It might be confusing for Samantha, but she signed herself up for this. It's all about how you look at it. She might not even remember these people once she leaves, depending on when you get her. So she might have a feeling she's met your people before, but no more than that.

The Lunar Fox January 6, 2010 at 12:25 AM  

And wow. ^ Longest comment ever! XD

Laura January 6, 2010 at 5:19 AM  

I'm kind of liking the idea of pretending all these similar characters are distant relatives or something - like that downtownie guy you were talking about, he's Sheldon Fortney in my game! So we could pretend that your Water and Bonnie are way distant cousins (like five times removed) of my Melissa :)

I'll probably think the same of any similar characters Samantha runs into by the time she comes back to LH (which will probably be all of them, lol!). They're either very distant relatives, or just happen to have the same name. For example, I don't even think about my Orlando when I'm reading yours, to be honest. Since each of them have such distinctly different lives and personalities and families.

(...being dorky and thinking out loud, lol!)


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