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>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

And here we are, right back where we started. She's not a lush. This is her first drink of the day and only her second drink since her arrival. And this time it wasn't even her idea.

It's been a week. Only a week, but it still seems like it's been longer than that. Days go by slowly when you aren't working. It's only been a week, but she hasn't really looked very hard, if she's being honest with herself. Which she usually isn't, honestly.

"So how's the place?" Water asks as he pours himself a drink.

It was just a fluke. They happened to bump into each other while she was walking past to the City Center to check for new job postings. It was only 11am, and Water's restaurant wasn't set to open for another two hours or so.

"Well, I can't complain." She lies. She could. Easily.

Water told her about a little flop house, no questions asked, easy approval to rent a room. They provide you with three meals a day which is probably the best part about her stay. The elimination of her needing to cook or go in search of food.

But it's only a room.

A bare room at that. Her suitcase sits off in the corner. She hasn't even removed her clothes yet. The entire place suggests only a temporary living environment. Mostly because of the fact that bathrooms, showers, and even the damn TV is shared.

"It is certainly different." She smiles even as she puts her hand to her forehead to stave off the headache she can feel just beginning to grow out of her own boredom and exhaustion.

"How's the job search going?" He asks before he moves to step around the bar.

"Ugh." It's almost involuntary. There don't seem to be many jobs in this little town though she had seen a posting for Bonnie's Clothing Shop. Sam had already told her that Bonnie needed a cashier. She'd suggested it with a smirk and a poorly hidden laugh.

Samantha was not nearly desperate enough. "Well, you know, okay I guess. I don't have one yet, so that should tell you something."

Water chuckles. "That bad? Why don't you work here? I could use a bartender for the evening shift."

"Really? I've never tended a bar before though."

He slides into the seat near her. "I'd train you. Besides, a cute girl can't really go wrong."

Now Water was the one who suggested the flop house, so she's not exactly how sure she should be of his judgment. Really. But it did sound different, plus she stood no chance of having Sam suggest she should go work for Bonnie again.

"Wait, I have to do something first though." Samantha hops up, steps around the bar, and picks up three clear and heavy glass tumblers. It was a trick she'd done plenty in college at parties usually using their little espresso cups.

Glass tumblers are definitely heavier than espresso cups, but it works. Clearly it's a sign that she can be a bartender. She smiles because that's pretty awesome to be able to just juggle glass tumblers. (Can you do that with hardly any practice?)

Water isn't nearly so impressed it seems.

"Uh yeah, that's cool, but ah, try not to do that too often, okay?"

It's okay, she still questions his judgment anyway.

They part after shaking hands on it. Water will personally train her starting as soon as tomorrow.


Y'know, we put warnings when these things are long, should I put a warning when they're short?


Carnaxa January 15, 2010 at 12:49 AM  

No, I don't think you need warnings at all. Hell, most of mine are always short!

Sam is definitely suspicious of Water's motives but I think he's just trying to be helpful, I mean, he doesn't have to offer her a job but he did. Sam certainly has a hard time trusting people or good fortune.

I really miss Apartment Life. I hung out for years for that expansion only to have it come out and then TS3 came out not long afterwards so I never got to play it that much.

S.B. January 15, 2010 at 4:58 AM  

LOL! A 'warning' for short pieces? I love short chapters!!

So. Sam's wondering about her drinking and she's going to take a job as a bartender. Wonder how that's going to work. Water's right - cute female bartenders are a big draw! Helpful? Seems so to me. And even the place he recommended had its advantages. Maybe Sam's standards are a wee too high right now!

I love the stripped down shots. They work so perfectly!

The Lunar Fox January 15, 2010 at 6:29 AM  

Yours are short, but meaningful.

Oh, you know that makes sense. If you're read her background at all, she certainly should have trust issues by this point.

And yeah, how unfair a move was that? I totally love AL, even though it's pretty glitchy sometimes.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the flophouse is actually from Simwardrobe. The rooms rent for $161 a week.

S.B., short chapters certainly are easier on the eyes. (I know I find them more appealing too, depending of course.

Maybe Samantha's just paranoid? XD

Thanks, S.B. All my shots are usually stripped down. I never touch them up or anything. I absolutely refuse. *is a rebel* (*but is really mostly just lazy*)

And I'm not one to fawn over sims, but seriously how cute is Water in that outfit? He's due for an update of his own very soon. I think I've got enough pictures for him.

Laura January 15, 2010 at 8:00 AM  

LOL, whenever anyone has to claim that they're not a lush... ;)

I love this! You've got her character down so wonderfully. The part about not being honest with herself, and the lack of trust. That's so awesome what you've done with her, given what little I gave you guys to work with! This is exactly how I always saw her in my head :)

And I love that jacket she's wearing!

Okay, lol! Here's where I admit that I first thought Water was going to send her to the cult! Your Church for the Wayward NPCs, lol! I'm glad he didn't though!

I always thought Water was cute too! I wonder if Samantha does? ;)

And I love that she's going to bartend! It suits her perfectly! ...because psst, *cough, cough* she kind of did work as a bartender in college ;)

I also love to see people doing bare bones kind of screen shots. I'll retouch mine slightly, in the few instances that they need it, but I never put any effects on them or anything... because also, much too lazy, lol!

The Lunar Fox January 15, 2010 at 10:51 AM  

Oh snap! And I keep referring back to the project page to keep the details down! Oh well... D'oh! I guess she won't need so much training then, lol! (Darn, though is she really going to complain about alone time with Water?)

But I'm glad overall I've gotten the character you see in your head down. I think I'm getting her now which will make the next parts easier.

The jacket is probably from GOS. I went through there and downloaded a lot of stuff one night. (Might be from the Thrift Shop themed thread.)

And oh the cult, lol. Yeah, Water is not happy with them, so he's not going to toss anyone over that way. I seriously need to make an update for him. He's been a lot of fun to play.

Carla January 15, 2010 at 2:59 PM  

Oh, a flop house! See, after Laura said she thought she knew where Water would send Samantha, I started thinking about the cult too. But I forgot that Water kind of has some issues with them right now!

Water is very cute and I wonder if Samantha might come to see that too, if she hasn't already. He really has tried to help her out, which might make him more attractive to her right there, even if she's a little suspicious right now. I mean, the flop house isn't exactly luxurious but it's clean and now he's offered her a job. I think his heart is in the right place.

I'm another who is too lazy to retouch pictures. Lazy and inept. LOL.

The Lunar Fox January 15, 2010 at 8:18 PM  

Really? I thought you guys were thinking the slums with Alberta. And that's pretty much where she is. The flophouse is around the corner from Alberta's place.

Yes, a Water entry is due as a refresher of the challenges he's facing right now.

Ooooh, I have an inkling about Samantha. I just need to see if her sim agrees with me, lol. More play is needed!

(And personally, I love the flop house. I think I need more sims to live there so I can play it more often.)

Francesca Dean January 18, 2010 at 8:22 AM  

I like your style, crisp and to the point, like your pictures. I also like short updates. Maybe I have a short attention span.

Love the flop house!


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