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>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have nothing to write about them since they've been rather happy (and Elizabeth hasn't stopped by recently *cough*). So I'll share a couple of pics.

I'm not one to fawn over my sims, but a shirtless Green Mellon holding one of the babies is too cute.

I don't have a lot of pictures of the boys, Pierce and Russel. I didn't really realize that both Green and his wife are S4 and they both have dark blue eyes. (I never think about such things when I'm pairing sims up.)

So both the boys have blue eyes and S4 skin. (I feel I should mention their sister here, so now I have.) I can't tell them apart! But it seems Russel is a bit more active. He hardly sleeps when he's put in the crib.

That's why I'm rather SURE (very sure) that this is Russel sitting with his father in the study. (Notice, no "zzz"s.) Cute aren't those? They're by MsBarrows over at TSR. I got them when she set them to free for forever. (But I warn you, if you have a butler, he will not leave the children on the floor. He just can't have it.)

Here's their mutt, Moody. I kept finding puddles in this corner and kept thinking, "Nuh uh!" I finally caught him in the act. I call this piece, "Adding insult to injury."

I can see Amanda saying to Green, "Really? You couldn't put a shirt on?" Oh and notice teh grilled cheese? Haha, I love the Servo Caliburst.

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this. I've been off all week, so I've been playing a lot and updating a lot. All of the story pieces I've posted though were written earlier, probably a couple of weeks ago. I'm just trying to stay ahead of myself?

(Actually, I should probably just take up another hobby like knitting or something.)


bbop September 26, 2009 at 10:05 AM  

omigosh I used to knit, but then I dropped it to be more manly. hahahaha

I'm actually off to go get those from ms. barrows... I love tsr!

And updating a lot doesn't make you a criminal... under updating would!

The Lunar Fox September 26, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

hahaha, that's really cute, BB!

Uh oh... then you're going to have to arrest me. Not only was my last update on this blog like two weeks ago, I've started another story using Sims 3. Heh heh...


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