Ann's vacation to Lesvos Island

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Aerial view of Lesvos Island. Lesvos land was created by Patul @ MTS2

Inspired by Mama Mia, I've been working on putting together a Grecian inspired isle. It's not complete, but Ann insisted she be the first to visit.

Day 1 (in Ann's own words)

Here we have an over head view of my first stop. This is a picture of Greek City, which I managed to get on a helicopter tour around the island.

Greek City is a relatively newer, more contemporary city that is just beginning to get itself established. There have been houses there forever, but it seems people are wanting to dip their hand into the tourist trade.

The first place I stayed in was Villa Maria.

Villa Maria was meant to be someone's vacation home. The story the desk clerk told me is that the elderly parents left the home in the care of their children so they could travel the world. When they didn't return right away (just taking too long on vacation, I'm sure they're still alive out there somewhere traveling the world), their kids turned it into a hotel.

The view from Villa Maria

((I thought I should point out that most of the buildings in Greek City are created by Greeksim over at TSR. ))

Are you going to keep doing that? It's going to get old fast.

((Shut up Ann. It is my blog.))

ANY WAY, since most of the buildings had been houses in this section of the city, I found that the city was mainly full of hotels. The thing to do it seems is to hang around these previous homes. There aren't many bars or night clubs. And to encourage visitation, most of the hotels have an open kitchen. For a small amount of money, anyone is welcome to come and make a meal for themselves or for other patrons.

The place to hang out is the center of town, called Golden Isle, which was most likely the original center of this precious little town.

It has all sorts of shops, clothing and food, restaurants, a cafe, a bar, and even a swimming pool. And for those most brave, one can actually rent rooms for cheap (around $300 per night) and stay in the heart of all the action.

It was a little too busy for me though, so I did not choose that as my next destination.

Ann in the Aegean Sea.

My next destination was on the sea. A little home turned into a hotel. I took the room on top, a little tiny room with only a bed, a book case, and a chair. The little bathroom seemed like an extra thought. Was this even supposed to be a room?

I will say, I had some amazing view from this hotel on the beach.

There was a little problem... it began to rain in the morning, and I found out why my room was so cheap. It was leaking. So I once again had to pack up my things and move onto the next destination.

It was indeed fun to put together and lovely to explor with Ann. I have to make sure everything is working. The leaking roof waas a surprise to me, but it could have predated Seasons. It was an old house.

I personally thought this was funny. Ann started the topic about Sofia. Apparently, this traveller knows her full well. Oh my, Sofia Stratton is getting a reputation.



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